Never face it again

At this summer day
She looks the same.
And even better, but you can no longer
Play dirty games.

You’ve wasted your time.
Love burned in flames.
There are no excuses or something
That should remain.

No tears or stress.
No sings of life.
And you should wonder or think or just test it or …


Is you heart still alive?
Or it comes to an end?
Is somebody to love?
Or just money, cocaine, alcohol and paid sex
is enough?

Hey, is it you?
Is it a truth?
Is it the world that you’ve expected to be
Accepted by you?

Do you feel pain
That you’ve lost in this game?
It’s hard to say,
But it’s like a rain.

It washes your soul.
It refreshes your taste.
It allows you to grow and attempt to never
face it again.

Never face it again.
Never face it again.

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