Jokes of people

There are people with dreams, full of their passion,
Living for years with someone they love.
Unlike any others they have connections,
And even pray for lord who’s above.

Being always in trusted, friendly environments,
They’re raising children and joking sometimes.
Their jokes are funny and entertain us,
So we are laughing and starting to cry.

They love their work, hangouts and camping.
They’re watching movies and sometimes TV.
It all together, with lovers and friends,
Discussing what’s shown and what have they seen.

They’re sharing their bread with those who’s been broken,
With people with problems, those who’s in need,
Receiving their blessings and still telling jokes
About this world and their place in it.

They’re not getting older, as they live forever,
Preserved in minds of people like them,
In tombstones, jokes, various letters,
They used to write to again and again.

And this is our nature. It should be so clear,
As sky in July’s hot summer days.
But we are here, and we’re still in fear
And dying alone in a different ways.

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