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На всех вас ярости не хватит.
В один прекрасный яркий день
Я просто скроюсь за закатом,
А вы останетесь в стране.

Хоть вы любили и старались,
Писали песни и стихи,
Уехал я. А вы остались
Россию-матушку любить.

Jokes of people

There are people with dreams, full of their passion,
Living for years with someone they love.
Unlike any others they have connections,
And even pray for lord who’s above.

Being always in trusted, friendly environments,
They’re raising children and joking sometimes.
Their jokes are funny and entertain us,
So we are laughing and starting to cry.

They love their work, hangouts and camping.
They’re watching movies and sometimes TV.
It all together, with lovers and friends,
Discussing what’s shown and what have they seen.

They’re sharing their bread with those who’s been broken,
With people with problems, those who’s in need,
Receiving their blessings and still telling jokes
About this world and their place in it.

They’re not getting older, as they live forever,
Preserved in minds of people like them,
In tombstones, jokes, various letters,
They used to write to again and again.

And this is our nature. It should be so clear,
As sky in July’s hot summer days.
But we are here, and we’re still in fear
And dying alone in a different ways.

Are you okay?!

If you have words, are you here to pray?
If you have money, will you change poor child’s day?
If your fate is coming out of bounds,
Listen closely to check how do you sound

To others. To someone you don’t know.
To lovers. To every single who’s gone.
To your mom and your dad,
Your grandparents and cat.
To universe that hurts you so bad.

If you can feel, will you love till the end?
If you have time, did you fill clock with sand?
If tomorrow should be unlike yesterday,
What the fuck are you doing now?!
Are you okay?!

To start a game

There are moments in life, that will change, I’m sure, it all.
With speed of light you are going to rise or to fall.
With fire in your eyes you are diving deep in unknown,
When life is calling you should pick up and answer her call.

Conversations may lead to death, or to hint of success.
You can also be so excited or be hardly stressed.
Meanwhile, while you are talking, check what’s going on,
Maybe it’s time to hang up until it is gone.

And maybe it’s moment, maybe you need to shut up.
It’s time to fill void, time to reduce this big gap,
That divides understanding that you all want the same.
What a beautiful moment to start unpredictable game.


Скандалы заменили крики артистов,
Стряпню твою мне заменил ресторан,
Я жду, я надеюсь, что-то скоро заменит
Всю боль, и вымоет соль мне из ран.

Жизнь стала проще, вокруг все спокойно.
Спокойно и в доме, как не крути.
Как просто, легко и непринуждённо
Шагать одному по своему же пути.

Погода ясна, как цели и мысли.
Себя ощущаю совсем хорошо.
Занимаюсь физрой, жизнь наполнена смыслом,
Как же я долго к этому шёл.

И я, скажем, первый, кто решился на это,
Оставив всех тех, кто мечтал, но не смог.
И счастлив я, что завершил это лето
И выучил лучший в жизни урок.

Bad hand

Nothing will tear us apart –
I have heard this from different places.
But how we have failed –
It’s a state of an art.
This is how people change their faces.

There were smiles, as we played poker,
We have placed and raised our bets,
To check is it still okay
To watch what will be in the end.

On preflop it was the same situation.
During flop we have started to see,
There are millions of combinations
Of people entitled as “we”.

We have waited for new occasions
To blame and to shame on ourselves,
And one thing did break expectations –
On turn, new card entered the game.

There was no more sight of emotion,
Looks like it was so serious shit,
That we have lost all our options,
It was game: you versus me.

Everybody had drown separately
In a river, full of our past,
And we realized that lately
Future can be predicted with cards.

We have opened our hands to each other,
After long and so crazy affair.
Was it Royal Flush or another?
We wasn’t even a pair.


I’m near swamp, it shows me image,
And I’ve got something in reflection,
You’ve got to see it –
Like I’m binding new connections

With someone dead, whose souls, for true, already sold,
I’m still here. And I’m 30 years old.

The conversation
So deep that silence never leaves,
I’m debating
With big crowd of dead trees.
And they’re supporting,
They’ve supposed to do so,
As they are wanting
Innocence of my old soul.
They want my body.
And they can take it, I agree,
Unless I love somebody,
I want to rot in roots of trees.


Я далеко зашёл. Но это не конец.
Пока не знаю ради кого хотел б остаться,
И я уеду, заметя свой след,
По миру дальше без любви скитаться.

Ничто не держит, ведь нету ничего,
Я как бедняк, ведь предпочёл делиться.
Осталась лишь душа и чувства для того,
Чтобы отдать их сразу той, в кого влюбился.

И, если повезёт, то получить взамен
Энергию для продолжения жизни,
И жить с ней вечно, не боясь измен
И иногда горюя по отчизне.

For porn

The grimace of disgusting from what I just have seen.
I’m wondering how come this can ever been?
Why have I lost my feelings, why am I watching this?
Have let my heart to close and love to Rest In Peace.

Still follow my own rules, I do not pay for sex,
Even if desire is coming from my ex.
And she was filthy whore, and everyone should know,
My scars and moral problems I consider done.

So, in the field of nothing, as no one likes me,
I’m opening my browser and searching what to see.
How people fuck each other. I bet that I cum first,
So fucked of the feeling that I feel the worst.

Бессмертие на скамейке

Чем глубже чувство, тем быстрее
Мир остановится вокруг,
Тем дольше будет и теплее
Осеннее скрещение рук.
И листья будут дольше виться
На хитром, пламенном ветру,
Чтоб нежно в лужу опуститься,
Росой покрывшись по утру.
Машины встанут. Светофоры
Забудут цвет переключить,
Заглохнут также все моторы.
Собаки перестанут выть.
Свет фонарей застынет смирно,
И даже бабочки вокруг,
Пыльцу стряхнув со своих крыльев,
Последний раз зайдут на круг.
Луна замрет. Замрет и море.
И, как одно в твоей груди
Забудет прошлое и горе,

Закрой глаза.